Volvo recalls handful of vehicles for risk of false alarm

Volvo’s latest tech updates have made its vehicles easier to live with and safer, but as with any significant change, there are bumps in the road. The automaker recently recalled a handful of 2023 model-year vehicles for an issue that could cause false warning lights in the gauge cluster.

The recall covers the Volvo S60, V60, XC60, XC90, and C40, with build dates that range from late 2022 to March 2023, depending on the model. An issue with the Telematics Connectivity Antenna Module (TCAM) could falsely trigger an error related to communications between the infotainment head unit. The driver receives an “e-call service required” message in the gauge cluster, but the system will continue to operate normally with the error.

Though there’s no real problem or immediate danger when this happens, the false message can obscure a legitimate problem. The e-call feature is part of Volvo’s onboard safety equipment that communicates information after a crash or other incident, so it’s important to know when it’s functioning correctly.

There has been only one report of this problem in the U.S., and the recall only involves 329 vehicles. Thankfully for the affected owners, the fix is a simple software update to change the TCAM’s logic. The update is ready to go, and dealers have been notified. The NHTSA said owners would be notified by mail in mid-May, but if your Volvo is acting up, it’s a good idea to call the dealer when you notice.

This is the third recall for several 2023 Volvos since last October. All three have involved software issues. The first involves a loss of drive power due to an error in the software that prevented the combustion engine from starting when the vehicles’ plug-in hybrid batteries were depleted. The second happened in January and related to diagnostic errors in the braking control module that could cause the electronic stability control, antilock brakes, and traction control to malfunction.

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