Polaris launches online marketplace for all of your powersports needs

Polaris is launching an online marketplace called Xchange to help enthusiasts find a new or used powersports vehicle anywhere in the nation. ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and the famous Slingshot are among the types of vehicles that you can purchase on the site.

The company explains it set out to make Xchange a one-stop marketplace in order to streamline the buying process and cater to changing buyer preferences. The site’s main purpose is connect new and used vehicles with buyers, but enthusiasts can also access a variety of research tools including free history reports and a vehicle condition report. The interface is fairly simple: Shoppers can choose whether they want to buy new or used, select the type of vehicle that they’re after, and — if they already know what they’re after — pick a model.

As of writing, Xchange is set up to connect dealers with buyers. You’ll only find powersports vehicles listed by authorized Polaris retailers; private-partly sellers aren’t allowed to post an ad. The tradeoff is that the list of vehicles eligible for a post on Xchange is fairly large. It includes snowmobiles, motorcycles (Polaris notably owns Indian Motorcycles), side-by-sides, autocycles (including the Slingshot, pictured), ATVs, and various off-roaders. Dealers will also be able to list vehicles from manufacturers that aren’t part of the Polaris group.

Most of the buying process can be completed online. Buyers can browse adds that correspond to the vehicle that they’re after, shop for different accessories, contact the selling dealer, determine the value of the vehicle that they’re trading in, and prequalify for a loan. Once the sale is finalized, they can either pick up the vehicle from the dealer or arrange to have it delivered to their home. Polaris describes this as a win-win: Buyers can order, say, a new snowmobile from their couch, and dealers are able to increase the number of buyers they reach.

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