Next-generation Toyota Tacoma getting hybrid power

April 4 is here, and the next-generation Toyota Tacoma… isn’t. It turns out that teaser last week was just a teaser for yet another teaser. And groan-inducing it may be, but we do at least get a bit of interesting information from this one: the Tacoma is getting at least one hybrid powertrain.

The tail of the Tacoma in the teaser has a badge that says “i-Force MAX,” which is the name for the Tundra’s twin-turbo hybrid V6. And Toyota’s accompanying press release for the teaser calls the engine “electrifying.” It’s pretty obvious hybrid power is headed for the Tacoma. But it does leave us wondering if it will be a variant of the Tundra’s hybrid V6, which would seem a bit overkill for a small-ish truck. Maybe it’ll be a hybrid V6 sans the turbos, or perhaps a turbo four-cylinder hybrid. And it does leave the question of whether there’s only one hybrid engine option, or multiple.

Besides the engine, we get a pretty clear shot of the rear, which looks extremely similar to that of the Tundra, down to the psuedo-spoiler design of the tailgate with its bed liner wrapping up over the top. Also notable is the huge “TRD Pro” logo stamped into the tailgate, which means the off-road-ready trim will be shown right along side the rest of the line-up, rather than introduced later. And obviously you’ll be able to get the high-output hybrid engine with the trim.

Toyota also noted that the model year for the new Tacoma is 2024. So we should see it soon, and probably on sale by the end of the year, or very early next year. Exact timing is not clear, though, and this teaser doesn’t have any other numbers to suggest a date. So stay tuned for more info.

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