Hyundai shows surprise Disney-themed Ioniq 5 in New York

The days of surprise auto show reveals are behind us, right? Well, not exactly. While Hyundai’s Disney-themed Ioniq 5 might not be the bombshell surprise we secretly hope for every year, it’s always nice to see something that hasn’t been teased for months ahead of time. It’s called the Hyundai Ioniq 5 Disney100 Platinum Concept, celebrating 100 years of the children’s brand. 

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“At Hyundai, we are always looking for new ways to connect with customers on every mile of their journey, and the magic that Disney creates inspires us to deliver moments of delight for our customers,” said Hyundai’s Angela Zepeda. “This is the first time that Disney has opened the doors to their design studio and granted access to Disney’s iconic characters for an artistic collaboration with an automaker. The Ioniq 5 is Hyundai’s flagship all-electric vehicle, and we are excited to share a limited edition version that will deliver an unforgettable experience for any Disney fan.”

There’s not much to the concept, strictly speaking, but more of it has been customized than you might glean just from looking at it. The Gravity Gold Matte finish is unique, as are the wheels, which are an obvious homage to a certain mouse-cot. The headlights and taillights feature animated Disney elements and the moonroof has been sprinkled with “pixie dust.” The splash animation on the infotainment screen was also replaced with a Disney theme. Hyundai also managed to slap the “Disney100” badge just about everywhere it would fit — inside and out. In addition to the locations you see here, you’ll find it on the headrests, center console and floor mats. 

While many surprise concepts are just design studies meant to tease certain elements coming on future models, this one looks like it will head to production almost exactly as-is. Hyundai notes that the model hasn’t been finalized, and suggests that the actual production car may vary slightly from what we see here, which is about as strong of a production confirmation as we can expect at this stage of the game. Got a fan in the house? Well, you may be in luck. 

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