Genesis remains committed to sedans, wants coupes and convertibles

If turned into a production model, the GV80 Coupe concept that Genesis unveiled at the 2023 New York auto show will be the brand’s fourth entry into the crossover segment. High-riding models are in hot demand globally, but the Hyundai-owned company isn’t giving up on sedans.

“It’s a mistake to basically write off a typology of a vehicle,” Genesis design boss Luc Donckerwolke told Australian website CarExpert. “I don’t want to have a monoculture of SUVs on the street. I love SUVs, from the rugged ones to the sporty ones, but that’s not it,” he added.

While he stopped short of announcing the imminent arrival of new sedans, Genesis has previously confirmed that it’s open to branching out into the city car segment in Europe. The model would likely be electric, and it could draw inspiration from the Mint concept introduced at the 2019 edition of the New York auto show. Nothing suggests a small, entry-level model would be sold in the United States, however.

Every member of the Genesis line-up currently has four doors, but two-door cars remain on the company’s radar. The coupe and convertible concepts presented by the brand in recent years have received a warm welcome from potential buyers, according to Donckerwolke.

“We are working on it, the fact is that I don’t want any design changes … in case the demand was there, which it is, it’s not a question of feasibility, it’s just a matter of a basic business case,” he explained, referring to the X, X Convertible, and X Speedium concept cars. The drop-top has already been approved for production, according to a recent report, and it will be positioned at the very top of the range.

So, as some carmakers double down on SUVs and crossovers at the expense of low-riding models, Genesis wants to continue offering a relatively balanced portfolio of cars in the coming years, and even expand into new segments. Global demand for sedans has dropped, but the segment remains relatively large and Donckerwolke believes giving buyers a choice will ultimately increase sales. “I think the ones that are making that decision are going to regret it really soon because they are giving it up to other ones and we are there [to take it],” he said.

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