Best Gifts For Under $100 That You Can Buy On Amazon In 2023

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If you’ve been struggling to find a great mid-range gift for a loved one this holiday season, we’ve pulled together a handful of ideas that cost under $100 just for you. If you’re buying for a tool lover, car lover, tech lover or a child in the family then this list has plenty of ideas to help spark some inspiration. They range from portable power stations, to laser tag sets, to wireless ear buds, to a Kindle, to a mechanic’s tool set and much, much more. If you’re only looking for gift ideas under $50, you can check out our 50 best gifts for under $50 post right here. Otherwise, we’ve organized these under $100 ideas by category just below. 

Best gifts for tool lovers under $100

$99.21 at Amazon

This compact portable power station is great for when you need just a bit of juice during an emergency or on a project (or simply on a vacation). It weighs just 2.4 lbs with an 88 Wh (24,000 mAh, 3.7V) capacity and features 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB ports, 1 USB C port, 1 DC port, and 1 two-pole and three-pole output socket each. It can charge up a phone, tablet, camera, speaker, USB-powered lights, miniature fans and more. It also has an LED flashlight built-in, with multiple modes including an SOS mode. It charges in just 5 hours via wall charger and even has a battery management system that provides “advanced safety operations” like voltage control, temperature control and more.

$59.99 at Amazon

This tool set includes 158 pieces like wrenches, pliers, ratchets, a hammer, a tape measure, drive sockets and much more. It all comes in a portable storage case that’s easy to carry with you on jobs or around the house. The whole set weighs only 10.25 lbs.

$90.64 at Amazon

This gift idea is great for someone who has a ton of tools laying around, but nowhere to store them. The DeWalt ToughSystem 2.0 box is IP65 rated for dust and water resistance, features a removable inner tray and is compatible with any DeWalt ToughSystem product.

$62.38 at Amazon

If the tool lover in your life isn’t a fan of the DeWalt aesthetic, then maybe a tool box like this one would be more their speed. This 3 drawer Big Red tool box is 20.5 inches long with 8.5 inches of depth. It features a comfortable handle for easily moving it from place to place and includes a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Best gifts for car lovers under $100

$56.79 at Amazon

This gift idea could comfortable fit in either the tool lover or car lover category, but we put it here since it’s specifically a “mechanic’s” tool set. It has 84 pieces including a 72-tooth ratchet, an anti-slip driver handle, drill bits and it all comes in a molded case with metal latches to keep your tools organized and protected.

$80.98 at Amazon

This AVAPOW unit can jump start cars, SUVs, and even boats with any gas engine or up to a 10-liter diesel engine. If you need to charge a USB device or two, don’t worry, it has built-in USB-C outputs. Like some portable car battery jumpers, it also features a built-in emergency flashlight with an SOS mode and this one also comes with a bonus USB charging cable.

$59.99 at Amazon

A portable tire inflator like this one can be an invaluable tool to keep in your trunk. It makes it easy to top off your tires no matter where you happen to be. This one plugs right into your cigarette lighter port and features several inflation modes. Not only can it pump up your car tires, you can also use it for bike and motorcycle tires, sports equipment and other small inflatables. With its “large volume mode” it can even inflate larger items like air mattresses. It has a built-in LED light and comes with multiple nozzle adapters.

$55.11 at Amazon

This one is for the real gearheads of the bunch. If you know someone who is always crawling underneath their vehicle, then a creeper like this might make a great gift idea for them. This one actually converts from a creeper into a seat, so it’s basically 2 helpful items for the price of one. It has thick cushions, 6 swivel casters and a 300 lb weight capacity.

Best gifts for tech lovers under $100

$54.99 at Amazon

Ring doorbells are becoming more and more common and for good reason. They’re a great addition to any home security set-up. A Ring like this is easy to install and use and can help provide some much-needed peace of mind if you’re the type of person who doesn’t love answering their door without knowing who’s there ahead of time. The camera shoots in 1080p HD video and the device allows you to speak with with anyone on the other end of it via a phone, tablet or computer. It even has motion detection and night vision and, naturally, is compatible with Alexa.

$99.99 at Amazon

A Kindle is a life-changer for any tech-y reader out there. This one is super lightweight and has 16 GB of storage, enough to store thousands of books. If you’re unaware, Kindle’s are special because they employ e-Ink technology, which looks much different than your traditional tablet or phone screen, much more closely resembling actual paper. Perhaps best of all, a single charge on a Kindle lasts up to 6 weeks. 

$94.99 at Amazon

If your tech lover gift-receiver is dead-set on an iPad, this probably won’t be a great replacement, but if they’re just simply looking for a respectable tablet that can do just about all of the same things an iPad can do (just not as part of the Apple ecosystem) then this is a fantastic alternative at a great price. The screen is 10.1-inches with 1080p resolution and it comes with 32 GB of built-in storage and 4 GB of RAM. Unlike an iPad, you can choose to increase the storage on this Fire tablet all the way up to 1 TB with a microSD card. The battery is made to last for a full 12 hours and like all Amazon products, it’s fully compatible with Alexa.

$89.99 at Amazon

A good pair of wireless ear buds can be borderline life-changing in 2023. You just don’t realize how annoying wires are until you finally get rid of them. These Beats Studio Buds are compatible with most bluetooth devices but feature one-touch pairing on Apple and Android devices. They have active noise cancelling, come with 3 soft ear-tip sizes to choose from and provide up to 8 hours of listening time on a single charge. That can be expanded up to 24 hours when they spend some time in their charging case. If you or your loved one is looking for something they can work up a sweat with, don’t worry, these are IPX4-rated, which means they’re sweat- and water-resistant.

Best gifts for kids under $100

$64.99 at Amazon

This glow-in-the-dark marble run construction set is a perfect gift for the science-minded child. This particular set is an Amazon-exclusive product that features 9 sturdy bases, 26 action pieces and 85 clear tube pieces. It also comes with 30 glow-in-the-dark marbles in 6 different colors. Naturally, it includes a storage bag to store your equipment but what might not be expected is that it comes with its very own UV light meant for quickly re-charging the marbles. Not only is this set great for learning and running experiments, it’s also great for some good old-fashioned fun.

$49.99 at Amazon

Hot Wheels are still cool, have always been cool and will always be cool. This 50-pack for 50 dollars is a fantastic value at only $1 per car. We can’t tell you exactly what vehicles will be inside because it’s something of a surprise pack, with the variety changing several times per year. However if you’ve got a little one who is just looking to increase their collection, something like this is perfect.

$89.99 at Amazon

This gift is probably more for a bigger kid than a young child, but if you know someone who is interested in drone tech or drone photography, this is a great deal to get them started on the path. This drone features a 1080p HD camera with a 120° field-of-view. It features built-in altitude hold to create a more stable flying experience for beginners and can also be controlled via the app, which allows for voice control, gesture control, gravity sensor control and more.

$79.99 at Amazon

This is the at-home laser tag game we all wished we had when we were kids. It comes with four laser guns and chest pieces. The lasers reach 130 ft and the laser guns themselves have four modes: Pistol, laser gun, machine gun and plasma gun. Both the laser guns and vests run on AAA batteries, which are sold separately. If you’re wondering, like we were, the listing confirms that “the laser gun does not emit an actual laser beam, using child-safe infrared emission.”

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