Amazon’s Black Friday Dash Cam Deals for 2023 Are Here – One’s on Sale for $19.99

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Believe it or not, Black Friday deals have already officially begun. No matter what you’re shopping for, there’s a great chance you can find it at a discount somewhere online right now. While we can’t cover every deal category out there, we have been able to find some solid discounts on various automotive accessories. And today, we’ve pulled together some of the best Amazon Black Friday dash cam deals we could find.

A dash cam can come in handy whether you’re just looking to grab some videos of your scenic drives or if you want some extra protection on the road. Some things you’ll want to consider are whether you’ll need features like night vision, an HD picture, parking monitoring, collision detection functionality, or even a front and rear dash cam setup (considering that over 30% of all accidents are rear-end collisions). Some dashboard cameras even have built-in WiFi and bluetooth, allowing users to quickly save and edit their videos right from their phone. Starting at under $20, these options could save you thousands, not to mention the headaches that come with dealing with insurance companies.

$19.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Records at a 1080P HD video quality with 30 FPS resolution
  • Features a 170° wide angle lens field of view w/ a F1.8 aperture, WDR and night vision capability
  • USB connectivity
  • Records onto a MicroSD card
  • Has loop recording and auto start/stop
  • The built-in G-sensor allows the cam to detect crashes or sudden vibration/shock
  • Includes parking monitoring
  • Easy set up
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty

This iZeeker dash cam is a killer value for what you’re getting. For only $19.99 you get a camera that records in 1080P full HD with a 170° wide angle lens. Like many other cams, this one saves videos onto a MicroSD card and features loop recording, automatic start and stop and it employs a G-sensor for crash detection. There’s even a parking monitoring feature. iZeeker will provide a 2 year warranty with your purchase. A helpful Amazon reviewer posted an image from the cam right here.

$32.49 at Amazon

Key Features

  • This dual cam includes a 1080p resolution front camera and a waterproof rear camera
  • USB connectivity
  • The front cam records at a 170° field of view while the rear cam records at a 130° angle
  • Features loop recording and emergency accident locks, thanks to the built-in G-sensor
  • Includes 24-hour Parking Mode
  • Supports up to a 32 GB SD card (not included)
  • Built for easy installation
  • Purchase includes lifetime 24 hour technical support

The Chortau dual dash cam is equipped with a 1080p HD front camera and a waterproof back cam for recording. The front cam records with a 170° wide-angle lens while the rear cam features a 130° lens. Like the other cams in the list, this one features loop-recording and G-sensor technology for automatic recording when it detects motion. One con of this cam is that it can only handle a 32GB SD card, but thanks to the loop recording, that makes the storage capacity of the SD card less important than it otherwise would be. After 27,000 Amazon reviews it’s sitting at a cumulative score of 4.1 out of 5 stars. This reviewer was looking for a “simple” cam that would “just work,” and they seem to have found exactly that in the Chortau. Click here to see their footage taken with the cam. 

$89.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Records videos up to a 2160p or 4K resolution 
  • 150° wide angle field of view lens
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Features low-light/night vision recording
  • Includes built-in WiFi to allow users to easily view and manage dash cam recordings on their mobile devices via the ROVE app
  • The cam’s Built-in GPS accurately records driving location and speed
  • Parking mode, motion detection, loop cycle recording, emergency video lock, time-lapse and slow-mo are all standard features on the cam
  • Supports up to a 512 GB SD card (not included)
  • Includes a 1-year warranty

You could probably guess by the name, but this Rove 4K dash cam does indeed record videos in 4K resolution. It has built-in features like Super Night Vision, WiFi functionality (which lets you instantly manage your recordings on your smart phone), built-in GPS, a parking mode, motion detection, a 150° wide-angle lens, a G-sensor, loop recording, time-lapse and slow-mo video, and it can handle up to a 512GB micro SD card for storage. Phew, that’s a lot of features. One reviewer shared some of his own footage shot with the camera right here. After 33,000 Amazon ratings, it’s sitting at an impressive score of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

$434.98 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 4K, 140° wide capture field of view
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Works with a variety of second camera modules
  • Features Wide Dynamic Range technology and night vision shooting 
  • Includes 24-hour parking monitoring – thanks to a built-in G-sensor, the 622GW can automatically turn on and start recording if your car gets hit in a parking lot 
  • Loop Recording automatically overwrites old footage
  • Emergency Accident Lock saves/locks the current video whenever a shake or collision is detected, so it won’t get over-written
  • SD card not included

The Nextbase 622GW is advertised as a top of the line dash cam and that’s exactly what it is. It has a long list of features, but some of our favorites are its 4K video quality recording, image stabilization, enhanced night mode, intelligent parking mode and built-in emergency response. Along with the cam itself, there is an entire line of modules that work with the 622GW to provide you with multiple camera angles, if needed, protecting you in case of both forward and rear collisions. Want to read more about the Nextbase 622GW? Check out a full review of this camera and the modules that work with it here.

$99.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • This dual dash cam set-up can simultaneously record videos with its front cam at 4K resolution 170° field of view and its rear cam at 1080p resolution 150° angle
  • Includes built-in WiFi connectivity to allow users to easily view and manage dash cam recordings on their mobile devices via its own app
  • Built-in GPS records your route and driving speed for videos
  • Includes collision detection, loop recording, emergency video lock and time-lapse recording
  • Features night vision recording thanks to the Sony IMX335 STARVIS sensor and Hisilicon Hi3559 processor
  • Supports up to a 256 GB micro SD card (not included)

The Kingslim dual dash cam is another double-cam solution that can simultaneously record videos in 4K from the front cam and 1080p from the rear cam. It features “the industry-leading Sony IMX335 STARVIS sensor and Hisilicon Hi3559 processor. With super night vision, f/1.8 aperture, and WDR technology, you can record stunning details, even in low-light environments. With front 170° and rear 150° super-wide viewing angles and 6-layer glass fixed-focus lens, it gives you maximum coverage of the road and greatly enhances night vision, providing sharp and clear images and videos.” Thanks to its 3-inch touchscreen, you only need one finger to operate the device and toggle features like collision detection, loop recording, emergency video lock, and more. This cam, like many of the others in this list, has built-in Wi-Fi and GPS. Last but not least, it can handle up to a 256GB SD card for storage. If you’re interested, you can check out its picture in this 5-star Amazon user review.

$118.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Dual dash cam captures video at 4K resolution via its front cam and 1080p resolution via the rear cam
  • Includes built-in WiFi connectivity to allow users to easily view and manage dash cam recordings on their mobile devices via the Ucam app
  • Night vision recording is available thanks to the Sony STARVIS sensor
  • Features 24 hour parking monitoring, loop recording and collision-detection
  • Purchase includes a lifetime warranty and 24-hour technical support

The REDTIGER dual dash cam is another 2-for-1 cam that has basically all of the features you could want out of a cam system like this at a great price. It can record in 4K from its front cam and 1080p from the rear cam, both in daylight conditions and at night. It has built-in WiFi which is always a helpful feature since it allows you to easily connect the cam to your phone to be able to save or edit videos right on your mobile device. Like many others, it features 24-hour parking monitoring, collision-detection, and loop recording, all great features to look for. One reviewer shared a video of the cam’s “clear and sharp” picture right here. Last but not least, the brand offers a lifetime warranty and 24-hour technical support.

$209.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • This three-part dash cam includes a 1440p 155° field of view front camera, 1280p 165° FOV inside camera and 1280p 160° FOV rear camera
  • USB-C Connectivity
  • All cams record video and audio
  • Features Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor 
  • Includes infrared night vision recording
  • Features a 24-hour low-bitrate parking mode that can automatically initiate recording when the motion or collision detection is triggered
  • Multiple potential set-ups for the cams make this a great choice for rideshare drivers
  • Does not rely on lithium batteries, allowing for easier use in some extreme weather conditions
  • Can handle up to a 256 GB SD card (not included)
  • Does not support WiFi or Bluetooth

The Vantrue N4 is another big name on the list. It doesn’t just provide two, but three cameras and features a 155° front camera, 165° back camera and 160° rear camera. It captures footage in a 1440P resolution for the front cam and 1080P for the inside and back cams. The Vantrue features a “high-performance Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor, a big F1.4 aperture 6-glass lens observing road front, [and an] F1.8 6-glass lens observing [the] rear.” One reviewer showcases the cam’s “top notch” picture in a video right here. Other exciting features include infrared night vision capability, 24 hour motion detection, collision detection parking monitoring and optional GPS (sold separately). The cam currently has over 8,000 Amazon ratings with a total score of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

$34.96 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 170-degree field of view 1080P HD front camera and 720P waterproof rear camera
  • IPS Display wide dynamic range functionality
  • USB connectivity
  • 32gb SD card included
  • Loop recording
  • Built-in G-sensor for auto-recording when the car is hit
  • Automatic light adjustment/night vision
  • Parking monitoring
  • Crowbar and cable clips for installation included
  • Voice recording, motion detection, photo function
  • Purchase includes a lifetime warranty

The DDK Mini dual dash cam provides a 1080P HD picture from the front and a 720P picture from the rear. Like so many others, it features a built-in G-sensor for automatically recording and saving a video when it feels an impact to your vehicle. It also features your standard loop recording, automatic light adjustment, parking monitoring, WDR functionality, motion detection and more. It even comes with a crowbar and cable clips for installation and includes a lifetime warranty with your purchase.

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