2024 BMW X2 First Drive Review: A niche within a niche, but an interesting one

CASCAIS, Portugal — BMW’s even-numbered X-series line of slope-back crossovers is proof that not every vehicle has to make perfect sense. The German brand basically invented the genre when it significantly reduced the usability of its otherwise luxurious and practical X5 by redesigning its roofline to reduce its capacity to hold humans and cargo while … Read more

2024 BMW i5 Review: 5 Series goes electric, better for it

Pros: Excellent ride/handling balance; eDrive40’s ample power and range; very cool interior; nutty M60 power; fast charging Cons: Small, awkwardly shaped trunk; questionable styling, especially the M60 The 2024 BMW i5 is the all-electric version of the new, next-generation 5 Series. You’ll be hard-pressed to tell them apart visually, which is a stark difference from … Read more

China’s master plan to crush Elon Musk and do what Japanese automakers did in the U.S.

China’s EV ascendance has sparked a fight that is forcing American companies to rethink their whole strategy.Getty Images; Alyssa Powell/Insider When Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked in 2011 about the Chinese electric-car maker BYD — a Warren Buffett-backed company focused on cheaper eclectic vehicles with a name short for Build Your Dreams — he … Read more

Ford Maverick vs Hyundai Santa Cruz: 2024 Comparison

The 2024 Ford Maverick and 2024 Hyundai Santa Cruz are each other’s most obvious competitors. They’re also each other’s only competitors. This pair of compact pickup trucks, both of which are based on car-like “crossover” platforms, hit the market several months apart and gave rise to an entirely new vehicle segment. Because the Maverick and … Read more

Best Car Interior Cleaners of 2024

Autoblog may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change. It’s easy to ignore your car interior when you’re doing a standard car wash, but it’s just as important to clean up the inside of your car as it is to wash the outside. No … Read more